Golf PROformance provides students with cutting edge instruction by integrating all aspects of the game:


Technical Skill Lessons: Basic fundamentals such as alignment, posture, tempo, balance and tension management will be addressed. From there, students will develop a golf swing that is repeatable and holds up under pressure.


Mindset & On Course Instruction: Student’s will discover the mind-set at which they play their best golf. Tools such as effective practicing, pre-shot routine, post-shot routine, target awareness, course management, building confidence and much more will be practiced. Check out the new MINDSET PROGRAM!


Golf Fitness Program: Students are taken through a gentle, physical evaluation that determines their strengths and weaknesses. This blue print is used to create a workout and stretching program to fit the individual’s needs. Basic golf stretches and driving range stretches will be included for injury prevention, increased distance and more consistency.

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