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Golf PROformance provides students with cutting edge instruction by integrating all aspects of the game:


Technical Skills Lessons: Basic fundamentals such as alignment, posture, tempo, balance and tension management will be addressed. From there, students will develop a golf swing that is repeatable and holds up under pressure.


Mindset, Short Game, & On Course Instruction: Student’s will discover the mind-set at which they play their best golf. Tools such as effective short game practicing, pre-shot routine, post-shot routine, target awareness, course management, putting, chipping, pitching, building confidence and much more will be practiced. 


Tournament & Competitive Player Coaching: This dynamic coaching program is geared towards those golfers who want to compete at their highest level. Individualized practice plans, goal setting, physical, and mental training, are incorporated for players to grow and succeed in the competitive golf environment. 

*Cancellation policy: If you are sick or not feeling well, please stay home (no charge). Due to the high demand, if your canceled space cannot be filled, you will be charged.

Contact Dodie directly to reserve your space.

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Delaveaga Golf Course Phone Number: (831)-423-7214.

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