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Golf Proformance

Welcome to Golf PROformace

Golf PROformance LLC is focused on MAXIMIZING HUMAN POTENTIAL through the game of golf. The programs provide students with cutting edge instruction by integrating all aspects of the game in two locations:

  • Santa Cruz, CA (Delaveaga GC)
  • Reno-Tahoe 
The current class schedule is listed below.
Contact Dodie Mazzuca directly to reserve a lesson and for gift certificates. *Class packages can be used interchangeably at all locations.*Reno schedule listed below
Cancellation policy: If you are sick or not feeling well, please stay home (no charge).  Due to the high demand, if we cannot fill your canceled space, you will be charged.

Upcoming Schedule @Delaveaga GC (Santa Cruz, CA);   *Reno schedule listed below

1-1/2 hr. Classes (except workshops and 1-day schools):



6/16 @9:30am 1/2 Range+1/2 Short Game



7/19 @8am ON-COURSE & BUNKERS; @10am Short Game


7/20 @8:30am Range;  @10am Range; @11:30 1/2 Range+1/2 Short Game 


7/21 @9:30am 1/2 Range+1/2 Short Game



8/15 @8am ON-COURSE & BUNKERS; @10am 1/2 Range+1/2 Short Game


8/16 @8am-12:30pm 1-Day SEAMLESS GOLF SCHOOL


8/17 @8:30am Range;  @10am Range; 

More classes coming soon!


Private and group private lessons are available. 

Contact Dodie directly to register.


Golf Class Details:

Small Golf Classes have been added to accommodate all skill levels.  Students receive individualized attention in a small, safe group setting. 3-8 student limit. 

Range/Full Swing Class:

Video analysis and full swing drills catering to the student’s specific needs including driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and 100 yards & in.  All levels welcome.

Short Game Class:

Putting, chipping, and pitching techniques at the practice green. All levels welcome. 

1/2 Range + 1/2 Short Game Class:

The first half of this class will focus on full swing drills at the range followed by short game practice at the practice green.  All levels welcome.

On-Course & Bunker Class:

Bunker practice, uneven lies, fairway, and approach shots taking place on the golf course.  Some golf experience suggested. 

Competitive & Tournament Player Coaching:

Amateur, professionals, college players, college prep, club championships, and beyond. Mindset coaching and focus to build growth and success in the competitive golf environment.

Contact Dodie directly to register.

Reno-Tahoe real estate and highlighted golf communities!

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Fuel your drive to better golf…

SEAMLESS GOLF: Lessons for Mental Toughness  

Presenting the second edition of Seamless Golf (formerly Golf Sūtras), now with a fresh, modern composition. This updated version offers the same valuable lessons, enabling golfers of all levels to tap into the seamless state of unlimited potential. 


The GOLF BAG WORKBOOK: A Companion to Seamless Golf  

Mere philosophy alone will not suffice! Take the knowledge of Seamless Golf and test it in your own golf experience with The Golf Bag Workbook.  Perfectly nestled in your trusty golf bag, this recently published companion to Seamless Golf is armed with drills to seamlessly take action. Always remember to L.F.F.!

The Original Edition

Golf Sūtras: Lessons for Transforming the Mental Game with Yoga’s Inner Wisdom

A serious topic sprinkled with light-hearted twists, personal struggles, LPGA Tour stories, and illuminating insights into the mental game. Golfers are taken on a journey of inner lessons from Yoga’s timeless wisdom.  This edition is for those drawn to the ancient Eastern principles and their rich applications to human potential.

“A compelling case. . .Golf Sūtras is a recommended next read for every golf enthusiast.” -James F.

“A new twist on a well-written subject.” -Mike S.

“A must purchase for anyone wanting to elevate their game.” -Jack M.

Make everyday a tap-in.

The perfect gift for birthdays, house-warmings, summer beach reads, …or treat yourself.  

Everyone deserves a better golf game. Daily Golf Tap-Ins is a collection of 365 of my favorite golf drills, inspiring quotes, and entertaining aphorisms. It’s dedicated to the courageous golfers who take on the day, one golf swing at a time.

“I loved the first book so much I could not hit ‘buy now’ fast enough.” – Sandy B.

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Delaveaga Golf Course Phone Number: (831)-423-7214.

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