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2020 “Shelter-In” Golf PROformance Putting Championship of the World! -Indoor Division. 

Let the fun CONTINUE…indoor style. The contest is extended to 5/3.  From Six-Feet of Separation to 6-foot Putts. This lighthearted competition is designed to make us unstoppable from 6-feet and in.  Imagine all of the strokes we’ll save when the course opens!

Current leaderboard:

  1. J.D. “Aim It there-Hit It There” Fay = 114
  2. Steven “PurePutt Ark” Arkley = 68
  3. James “Texas Putting Tornado” Kull = 65
  4. Shelly “Kray-Kray” James = 25
  5. Peter “Downtown” Brown = 18
  6. Jimmy “Oh My Heavens” Kull = 17
  7. Barb “Just Barb” Roettger =  15
  8. Ellie “Best Homemade Kailua Ever” Jordan = 6

Contest “Rules”:

  • Find or make a 4-1/4 inch diameter circle. (Drink coasters, cups, mugs, etc.)
  • Record how many times in a row you hit your target from 6-feet away. (Hopefully, you know how far 6-feet is by now!!! Two giant steps from the target.)
  • Send me your best score by Sunday evening.

Winner announced Sunday evening 5/3 after sunset-ish right here.

Dress code: Pajamas optional

The winner receives a free 1hr. private lesson with choice of hand sanitizer, Clorox wipe, or roll of toilet paper. 

On your marks, get set, PUTT!!!  

The book for those craving the “zone” on every shot and every moment of life.

Give the gift of better golf.  

A serious topic sprinkled with light-hearted twists, personal struggles, LPGA Tour stories, and illuminating insights into the mental game. Golfers of all levels will learn how to access their unlimited potential both on and off the course.

Accolades for Golf Sūtras:
“A compelling case. . .Golf Sūtras is a recommended next read for every golf enthusiast.” -James F.
“A new twist on a well-written subject.” -Mike S.
“A must purchase for anyone wanting to elevate their game.” -Jack M. 

What Is PROformance?

Golf PROformance is focused on MAXIMIZING HUMAN POTENTIAL through the game of golf.

The programs provide students with cutting edge instruction by integrating all aspects of the game:

  • Technical Skill
  • Mindset
  • Golf Fitness

This fresh, new approach creates an accelerated learning experience and an expanded love of the game for students of all levels. Dodie teaches beyond the golf swing!

If the form below does not work, please contact me directly:
Delaveaga Golf Course Phone Number: (831)-423-7214.

Contact Me

For lessons or general inquiries, please use the form below.

Upcoming Events

  • Unfortunately, Delaveaga Golf Course is CLOSED now until 5/3/20.  Bummer!!!

    Please stay safe, putt indoors, and keep swinging. Get ready for fun online events! (Just in case any of us are a little competitive?):

    • Online indoor putting contest CONTINUES UNTIL SUNDAY 5/3!

    **Please let me know if you need anything?. . .a grocery run, swing questions,  chocolate (I have stocked up on the essential and will share.)

    Sūtra Sunday GOLF YOGA WORKSHOP Sun. 5/17 @ 10-11:45 (1hr. of golf-specific yoga followed by driving range drills at Delaveaga.  All levels welcome.) 

    MAY Clinics @Dela: It’s go time!

    • Fri. 5/8 @8-9:30 On Course & Bunkers
    • Sat. 5/9 @12-1:30 Full Swing
    • Fri. 5/15 @8-9:30 On Course & Bunkers
    • Sat. 5/ 16 @12-1:30 Short Game
    • Fri. 5/22 @8-9:30 On Course & Bunkers
    • Sat. 5/23 @12-1:30 Full Swing & 100 yards in
    • Fri. 5/22 @8-9:30 On Course & Bunkers
    • Sat. 5/23 @12-1:30 Putting & Chipping

    Hint: Give the gift of better golf for Mother’s Day: 5/10

    *CONTACT DODIE DIRECTLY TO REGISTER.  Please note if you are having issues with the website contact form, please call Delaveaga Golf Shop after 5/3/20 for Dodie’s contact information (831) 423-7214


An amazing program that teaches you how to play golf, not just the golf swing.
Mike S. Scottsdale, AZ.

Dodie is a gem with a masterful knowledge of the game; she turned my 14 index into a 8 in one short summer.
Shelly J., 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 DeLaveaga Club Champion. Santa Cruz, CA

I finally feel like I can jump out on any course and play with confidence.
Jack M. Santa Cruz, CA

Dodie can truly help a student improve upon any aspect of their game.
Erin O’Neil, Head Women’s Golf Coach, University of Kansas

I have no doubt that with Dodie’s continued coaching my index will drop to a O!
Glenn K., Eugene, OR.

Dodie’s methods and abilities are ingenious.
Joe Thiel, PGA Master Professional