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Welcome to Golf PROformace.

Contact Dodie Mazzuca directly to reserve a lesson and for gift certificates. Current class schedule and availability listed below the orange “Upcoming Events” tab.  The lower level of the Delaveaga driving range is covered and dry.  Classes take place rain or shine.
Cancellation policy: If you are sick or not feeling well, please stay home (no charge).  Due to the high demand, if we cannot fill your canceled space, you will be charged.

Save the date: 2-DAY CLASS: Fri. 2/18 – Sat. 2/19  Day 1: 12pm – 3pm  Driving range, approach shots, driver, power, putting, chipping, and pitching.  Day 2:  8am – 9:30am On Course

Golf Classes:

Small Golf Classes have been added to accommodate all skill levels.  Students receive individualized attention in a small, safe group setting. 3-6 student limit. Golf Class includes:

  • Video swing analysis.
  • Take home workbook.
  • Individual driving range drills and practice for game improvement.

1/2 Range + 1/2 Short Game Class:

The first half of this class will focus on full swing drills at the range followed by short game practice at the practice green. 

100% Short Game Class:

Putting, chipping, and pitching techniques at the practice green. 

On Course:

See orange “Upcoming Events” tab below for the schedule.  Waiting list available for last minute openings. (Golf experience suggested)

Golf Yoga Class:

One hour of golf-specific yoga postures for flexibility, stability, balance, injury prevention, and concentration techniques for calming the stormy mind during golf. (All levels welcome)

Contact Dodie directly to register.

Upcoming Events


Golf Classes @Delaveaga: Waiting list available for full clinics and last-minute cancelations. 

January 2022


1/22 @8:30am (range)- 1 space available @10am (range)-  FULL @11:30 (1/2 range & 1/2 short game)- open

1/29 @8:30am (range)- open @10am (range)- open @11:30 (1/2 range & 1/2 short game)- open


1/24 @10:30am (new: RANGE)- open

1/31 @10:30am (new: SHORT GAME)- open


1/26 @10:30am (range)- open

February 2022

2-DAY CLASS: Fri. 2/18 – Sat. 2/19  Day 1: 12pm – 3pm Range, approach shots, driver, power, putting, chipping, and pitching.  Day 2:  8am – 9:30am On Course 


2/12 @8:30am (range)- open @10am (range)- open @11:30 (1/2 range & 1/2 short game)- open

2/19 @10am (range)- open @11:30 (1/2 range & 1/2 short game)- open


2/7 @10:30am (range)- open

2/14 @10:30am (1/2 range & 1/2 short game)- open


2/9 @10:30am (1/2 range & 1/2 short game)- open

2/16 @10:30am (range)- open


Upcoming Events

Golf Proformance

What Is PROformance?

Golf PROformance is focused on MAXIMIZING HUMAN POTENTIAL through the game of golf.

The programs provide students with cutting edge instruction by integrating all aspects of the game:

  • Technical Skill
  • Mindset
  • Golf Fitness

This fresh, new approach creates an accelerated learning experience and an expanded love of the game for students of all levels. Dodie teaches beyond the golf swing!

More ways to give the gift of better golf!

The book for those craving the “zone” on every shot and every moment of life.

A serious topic sprinkled with light-hearted twists, personal struggles, LPGA Tour stories, and illuminating insights into the mental game. Golfers of all levels will learn how to access their unlimited potential both on and off the course.

“A compelling case. . .Golf Sūtras is a recommended next read for every golf enthusiast.” -James F.

“A new twist on a well-written subject.” -Mike S.

“A must purchase for anyone wanting to elevate their game.” -Jack M.

SURPRISE! I wrote a new gift book.

The perfect gift for birthdays, house-warmings, summer beach reads, …or treat yourself.  

Everyone deserves a better golf game. Daily Golf Tap-Ins is a collection of 365 of my favorite golf drills, inspiring quotes, and entertaining aphorisms. It’s dedicated to the courageous golfers who take on the day, one golf swing at a time.

“I loved the first book so much I could not hit ‘buy now’ fast enough.” – Sandy B.

If the form below does not work, please contact me directly:
Delaveaga Golf Course Phone Number: (831)-423-7214.

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