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What Is PROformance?

IMG_0089Golf PROformance is focused on MAXIMIZING HUMAN POTENTIAL through the game of golf.

The programs provide students with cutting edge instruction by integrating all aspects of the game:

  • Technical Skill
  • Mindset
  • Golf Fitness

This fresh, new approach creates an accelerated learning experience and an expanded love of the game for students of all levels. Dodie teaches beyond the golf swing!

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Upcoming Events


    • Fri. 6/23 @ 9:30-11 Full Swing and Mental Strategy Clinic
    • Sat. 6/24 @ 8:30-10 Putting, Chipping & Green Reading Clinic
    • Wed. 6/28 @ 7:30-9 ON COURSE CLINIC



    • Sat. 7/1@ 10:30-12 Full Swing Clinic
    • Sat. 7/1@ 12-1:30 Full Swing Clinic (Full. Waiting list started)
    • Sat. 7/8@ 12-1:30 100yrds&In Clinic
    • SUN. 7/9@ 9-11 GOLF YOGA WORKSHOP: Free the SPINE (1hr of golf specific yoga postures followed by 1hr of driving range work)
    • Fri. 7/14@  7:30-9 ON COURSE CLINIC
    • Sat. 7/15@ 12-1:30 Driver & Power Clinic
    • WED. 7/18 @ 10-1 MINDFUL GOLF SCHOOL: FULL SWING (Day 1) Mindset, Accessing the ‘Zone’, Maximizing Performance technique interwoven with driving range drills)
    • THURS. 7/19 @ 7:30-10 MINDFUL GOLF SCHOOL: ON COURSE (Day 2)
    • FRI. 7/21@ 9:30-11:30 GOLF YOGA WORKSHOP: BALANCE (1hr of golf specific yoga postures focusing on balance followed by 1hr of driving range work)
    • Sat. 7/22@ 12-1:30 Approach Shots, Hybrids & Fairway Wood Clinic
    • Wed. 7/26@ 9:30-11 Short Game Clinic
    • Sat. 7/29@ 12-1:30 Full Swing & Pre-shot Clinic
    • SUN. 7/30@ 9-11 GOLF YOGA WORKSHOP: CORE STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY (1hr of golf specific yoga postures focusing on core dynamics followed by 1hr of driving range work)



An amazing program that teaches you how to play golf, not just the golf swing.
Mike S. Scottsdale, AZ.

Dodie is a gem with a masterful knowledge of the game; she turned my 14 index into a 8 in one short summer.
Shelly J., 2015 & 2016 DeLaveaga Club Champion. Santa Cruz, CA

I finally feel like I can jump out on any course and play with confidence.
Jack M. Santa Cruz, CA

Dodie can truly help a student improve upon any aspect of their game.
Erin O’Neil, Head Women’s Golf Coach, University of Kansas

I have no doubt that with Dodie’s continued coaching my index will drop to a O!
Glenn K., Eugene, OR.

Dodie’s methods and abilities are ingenious.
Joe Thiel, PGA Master Professional